Tabletop Submarine

Join Andrew and Josh as they talk, share stories, and dive deeper into why we love tabletop games.

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4 days ago

The Pun Peg himself Kevin McAlexander joins us on the Submarine! Kevin is a comedian and podcaster who is featured on shows such as  Blue Peg Pink Peg and Uncle Doug's DVD Bin. Amidst the slew of fantastic puns we discuss gaming with our spouses and all sort of hilarious hi jinks. We also talk Heat: Pedal to the Metal, Darwin's Journey, and Mansions of Madness! 
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Thursday May 25, 2023

Welcome to The Periscope! Where we take a closer look at crowdfunding projects! On our maiden voyage we are talking Conquest Princess: Fashion is Power with designer and CEO of Fight in a Box games Seppy Yoon! This is a cooperative bag builder where you play as 4 time agents fighting to overcome classic space problems, invaders, giants monsters, and galactic despots. Sharing a single bag of destiny, players manipulate probability and dress for battle! Wanna know if this if for you? Give it a listen!
Link to Conquest Princess: Fashion is Power
Fight in a Box

Thursday May 18, 2023

Ion Award winner Aaron Kempkes joins us on the Submarine. Aaron is the designer of the 2023 Light Game winner for the Ion Awards Contest, the largest design contest in United States. He talks about what it is like to win the award and his journey to that point and what his plans are for his games. We also talk about the perfect competitive game night and POOP trophies! We also discuss Las Vegas, Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar, Bluebeards Bride, and hamster's diving on sandwiches...yeah. All this and more on today's voyage!

Iowa Mud Water with Scott Brady

Thursday May 04, 2023

Thursday May 04, 2023

BOOP! We welcome designer Scott Brady to the submarine! Scott is the designer of megahits like boop. and Hues and Cues which pretty much makes him legendary at this point. We talk about so many aspects of his games but also share how the games can bring us together to make special experiences with both friends and family. We also discuss portable games and swim meets. All this and more on today's voyage!
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Thursday Apr 20, 2023

The ever so great Ignacy Trzewiczek has joined us on the Submarine. Ignacy has been in the industry for a very long time and has become and Titan and Champion for Tabletop Games. He is the founder of Portal Games and is responsible for some of their best designs. Today he shares a story about playing against the game Nemesis and we discuss how board games can bring out stories and bring in players. We also talk Three Sisters, Everdell, and Portal's newest crowdfunding project Throgal! All this and more on today's voyage.
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Thursday Apr 06, 2023

Comedian and Tik Tok creator Grant Lyon joins us on the submarine! Grant has been doing stand up comedy for many years and uses his talents to further people's interest in gaming. He has a whole stand up special about board games and has even used his know how to design some games as well. He also runs a Tik Tok about games! In this episode he discusses a disastrous play of Mountains of Madness and we dive into a lot of different topics. All this and more on another tiktastic voyage!
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Thursday Mar 23, 2023

On this voyage we have the head of PostCurious puzzle and games Rita Orlov. Rita is a puzzlesmith and game designer who has brought unique experiences to the hobby with her storytelling puzzle games. We talk about puzzle games and it's ever expanding market and she shares her story about how PostCurious became what it is today. All this and more on today's voyage!
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Thursday Mar 09, 2023

Mike Hinson from Elf Creek Games joins us on the Submarine! If you ever wanna hear what the secret sauce is to making a beautiful game Mike dishes on some of those secrets. Mike is Head Developer at Elf Creek and gives the low down on what goes into the development, art, production, and feel of a game. He also gives great advice about the convention circuit that goes along with a crazy story about his first trip to Essen Spiel. All this and more on this voyage!
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Thursday Feb 23, 2023

We are joined by actual boat experts and game enthusiasts Emily and Clark Willix! Emily and Clark run a YouTube channel talking about their life on the sea and how you too can live a boat centered life. But they are also avid gamers! Emily, with the help of Clark, runs the publisher Small Furry Games who just released Bah Humbug. Join us as they talk about gaming in the sailing community and how one man's game variant can lead to another person's favorite game. We also talk Cartographers, Dorfromantick, and Mysterium! All this and more on today's voyage.
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Thursday Feb 09, 2023

We set forth on a voyage into the Playtesting Sea with expert playtester, designer, and publisher Chris Backe! We talk about the joys of playtesting and he shares a story about how even with an unpublished game, magic can still happen.  We also talk about Clank Catacombs, The Voyages of Marco Polo, Spies, and many more! 
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