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Join Andrew and Josh as they talk, share stories, and dive deeper into why we love tabletop games.

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5 days ago

You know him from Ryan and Bethany's Board Game Reviews and now he is on the Submarine! Ryan Neumeyer join us for an episode all about self reflection and becoming better gamers! Join him for great stories about his reviews and we even talk a little bit about Gen Con! All this and more on today's episode!

Thursday May 16, 2024

Check out the Kickstarter Here!
Chris Backe returns to the Submarine to talk about No Box Games latest project! 
Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout needed 80 days, but you'll only need 10-15 minutes. In this print-at-home game with a leader-follower mechanic, one player each turn is the Navigator, which chooses an action that all players must take.
Choose to Travel between cities, Explore the city you're in, or pick up some Souvenirs to fill your suitcase.
When anyone has visited at least one city on each continent and returned to their starting city, the game ends - count up points, and the most points wins!

Thursday May 02, 2024

Monica Rasso joins us on the submarine! If you don't know Monica you might know her work as a manager of conventions like TantrumCon and ProtoATL. We discuss everything from diversity to playtesting and how we as gamers can do better at both without doing a lot! All this and more on todays episode.

Thursday Apr 18, 2024

THE Julie Ahern is on the Submarine! Designer and podcaster you can find her in all facets of the hobby. Join us as she tells us about playing Zpocolypse at GenCon and how she gathered a crowd around her. We also talk Wormholes and other great games as well!

Thursday Apr 04, 2024

Designer, author, and former imagineer Scott Rogers joins us on the submarine! Scott is well known for being one of the brightest minds in the hobby. He has taught classes and written books about all kinds of game design. In this episode he shares his experience playing Kingdom Death Monster and how these big games can come to be. All this and more on today's show!

Thursday Mar 28, 2024

Teacher Ryan from the Level Up Board Game Podcast joins us on the Torpedo to talk about Eila and Something Shiny. We have both a spoiler free and spoiler section for our discussion.
omewhere far away, a mystery awaits...Deep in the forest, an innocent rabbit - Eila, leaves their home to embark on a life-changing adventure.
Eila and Something Shiny is a 1+ player story-rich board game set in a mystical world. Take on the role of Eila, as you solve puzzles, manage resources, and overcome challenges through underground perilous mazes, harsh snowy highlands, and more.
Experience an exciting and emotional story told across 5 chapters featuring stunning art and illustrated comics. With branching story paths, your choices matter, affecting each chapter and deciding how the game ends.
Good luck; Eila’s fate is in your hands!

Thursday Mar 21, 2024

Designer Koltin Thompson joins us on the submarine! Koltin is on the designers of Galactic Cruise and is an lover of literature (except Moby Dick). On the podcast we talk about his story playing Gloomhaven and how it made them scream like little children. We also talk Underwater Cities and details in gaming. All this and more on today's episode!

The Periscope: Galactic Cruise

Thursday Mar 14, 2024

Thursday Mar 14, 2024

TK King and Dennis Northcutt join us to talk about the newest hotness of Kickstarter, Galactic Cruise!
Hello, and welcome to Galactic Cruise. Here, we offer our guests something special: the comfort of a luxury cruise with the innovation of space travel. As the first company to offer extended-stay space vacations, we are excited to have you working for us!
As a supervisor of this company, you’ll be expected to not only build these shuttles and satisfy our guests, but also to help the company thrive by enhancing our company network, inventing new technologies, and growing our workforce.
We are a united company, and you’ll often find that what another supervisor does will make your job easier. Let me be clear, though, this is a competition. The supervisor who comes out on top will become CEO of the company.
On your turn, you will either place a worker to take two actions in the ever-expanding network, launch a shuttle and send one of your workers to space as a pilot, or recall all your earthbound workers to collect funding bonuses. Actions include acquiring blueprints, constructing shuttles, attracting guests, and building developments–connections between locations that increase action selection throughout the game. You will also be affecting resource markets that ebb and flow with the actions of all the players.
When you launch a shuttle, one of your workers will accompany it as a pilot, navigating the shuttle to various destinations and “days in space,” where guests will reward you for all your hard work.
Throughout the game, you will also be competing with your fellow supervisors to complete company goals, which will earn you progress cubes throughout the game. Progress cubes are also placed when you launch shuttles, and when a certain number of cubes are placed onto the company’s progress track, the game ends, and the player with the most Victory Points becomes the new CEO of Galactic Cruise.
Do you still think you have what it takes to work for us?

Thursday Mar 07, 2024

Eleni, The Carboard Rhino has made it to the Submarine! She makes videos of how to play various board games that she find special. Watch em and play along! She also loves discovering new board games on Kickstarter and she make roundup videos presenting the ones that stand out -check them out in the Rhino Roundup section! Apart from these she also created a series of documentaries with CGE about how board games are made! Check those out here. We also talk Stationfall, 500lbs Gorilla, and so many more. All of this on today's voyage!

The Periscope: Arctic Roll

Thursday Feb 29, 2024

Thursday Feb 29, 2024

We are joined by designer Ian Brocklebank and Martin Van Rossum from Rolling Rhino's newest campaign! In Arctic Roll, you will lead a tribe of intrepid hunters, heading out across the ice to hunt for fish. Compete over the scarce resources and use your dice to move across the ice and excavate fishing holes.Draft the right dice to place your hunters strategically in their search for food, to become the winner of Arctic Roll!
See Campaign


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