Tabletop Submarine

Join Andrew and Josh as they talk, share stories, and dive deeper into why we love tabletop games.

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Thursday Sep 07, 2023

The Hungry Gamer Will Brown joins us for a laughter filled episode of Tabletop Submarine! Here we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly side of gaming and how a good game will make you wanna replay it over and over again. We also discuss Roll on the Range, Lunar Rush, and Mysterium! All this and more on today's episode.
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Thursday Aug 24, 2023

Andrew took a voyage to Gen Con and we have got some stories for you. This was the biggest Gen Con ever with over 71,000 attendees. Although we wish we could get to everyone Andrew was able to catch up with old friends for new stories and new friends for new stories! All this and more about the greatest weekend in gaming on Today's episode!

The Torpedo: Crokinole

Thursday Aug 17, 2023

Thursday Aug 17, 2023

Welcome to the Torpedo! A show where we give brief reviews and tell you whether the game is a hit or a miss! This episode features our thoughts on the classic Canadian game Crokinole.
Crokinole is played on a circular wooden board, with wooden circular disks as playing pieces.
Players take turns shooting disks across the circular wooden board by flicking the disks with their fingers. Players try to land their disks in scoring regions on the board, with the highest scoring area the recessed hole in the very center of the board. Each round, each player/side alternately shoots a set number of disks (usually 12 or 8), shooting one disk each turn.

Thursday Aug 10, 2023

Scott Morris of Lucky Duck Games joins us on the Submarine! Scott has been is an industry veteran who brings many tales of wisdom and yore to the podcast. But the main story he shares details the true beauty and power the board games and play can hold. We talk Destines, Mage Wars, and even a little Cosmoctopus. All this and more on today's voyage!
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Tuesday Aug 08, 2023

We got a Periscope about a convention! We are posting this so that the episode can come out while the campaign is still available! Josh is joined by Ben, Lucky, Mercy, Arnold, and Ronald today to talk about the convention they hold in their village in the country of Uganda. They want it to grow so they can bring the love of board games, and science, to as many kids as they can. Ben helps facilitate the convention and is happy to help along the way! After a successful event in May 2022, Chrysalis will be running another Convention for children aged 8-15 at its Secondary School in Uganda.
Learn More Here!

The Torpedo! Votes for Women

Thursday Aug 03, 2023

Thursday Aug 03, 2023

Welcome to the Torpedo! A show where we give brief reviews and tell you whether the game is a hit or a miss! Our first episode features Votes for Women from Fort Circle Games.
Votes for Women is a card-driven game covering the American women's suffrage movement from 1848-1920, culminating with the ratification (or rejection) of the Nineteenth Amendment. The game provides competitive, co-operative and solitaire play, with co-operative and solitaire play against the "Oppobot."
To win, the Suffragist player must have Congress pass the proposed Amendment and then have three-fourths of the states (36 of the then 48 states) ratify the Amendment. The Opposition player wins by either preventing Congress from passing the proposed Amendment or by having 13 states reject the Amendment.
The game lasts for six turns - a turn consisting of drawing cards from the players' own decks, bidding on strategy cards, and then six rounds of card play where a player may play a card for an event or discard a card to campaign, organize or lobby Congress. If Congress has proposed the Amendment but neither 36 states have ratified nor 13 states have rejected, then the game goes to Final Voting.
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Thursday Jul 27, 2023

Seppy Yoon is back and we couldn't be happier. Seppy is the owner of Fight in a Box Games which just successfully funded Conquest Princess: Fashion is Power. On this voyage we talk all things demos! How to give a good one, what makes a quality demo person, and how you can get involved demoing as well! All this and more on today's episode.
Fight in a Box Games

Thursday Jul 13, 2023

We are recapping Origins Game Fair 2023! Josh and Andrew are visiting by a bunch of people! They share their favorite memories of Origins with Andrew and Josh and they talk about how awesome it is to game together. Here a whole bunch of stories today on this voyage!
Weird GiraffeDolphin HatGila RPG'sSophisticated CerberusLudamusKinson KeyGrand Gamers GuildAllplayCoo Games3WSIndie Boards and CardsOragami Whale

Thursday Jul 06, 2023

In this episode we take a close look at the new Gamefound Campaign Coloma: New Prospect  with designer Jonny Pac! Campaign runs until July 17th, 2023! See what's new in this edition of this game,  then see whether you want to back it and add it to your collection! 
In the game of Coloma, you are a pioneer who has recently traveled out West to strike it rich and make a name for yourself. You will prospect for gold and use your windfalls to recruit workers, rustle up horses, and establish businesses. You will also get opportunities to explore the surrounding riverways and frontier lands. But alas! You are not alone—every other pioneer seems to have gotten the same idea! Therefore, it will take extra cunning tactics on your part to not go Bust with the rest of them…

Thursday Jun 29, 2023

Danielle Reynolds joins us on a voyage! Danielle is a designer, podcaster, advocate, and all around great person who loves designing and playing games. On this episode she talks about how being bold can help you connect with people and putting yourself in the right place can get you far. We also talk Her Story reviews, Avatar: Legends, Mars Bars, and of course EBAY! All this and more on today's episode! 
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