Tabletop Submarine

Join Andrew and Josh as they talk, share stories, and dive deeper into why we love tabletop games.

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6 days ago

Designer all star Roberta Taylor joins us on the Submarine! Roberta has designed many great games such as Creature Comforts, Octopus Garden, and Maple Valley. Her most recent project is Hello Kitty: Day at the Park! We hear stories about friends she has made in gaming and how tabletop can be used to form relationships. All this and more on today's episode!

Thursday Nov 16, 2023

You have heard his name whispered on the show before, but now he has arrived! Jon Gilmore-Long is on the Submarine and he has some stories to share. Jon is a designer, developer, and guru of the tabletop world. We talk about proposals, marriage, friends, and gatherings all in one jam packed episode. We also talk a bunch of games but most importantly how great people are in this hobby. All this and more on today's episode!

The Periscope: Kelp

Thursday Nov 09, 2023

Thursday Nov 09, 2023

Launching Nov 7. 
Carl Robinson talks about his newest game Kelp!
Take the role of the Octopus, skillfully navigating the board with cards and hidden moves, or become the Shark, patrolling your territory, rolling dice, and unleashing unique abilities to track down the elusive Octopus.
Link to campaign here!

Thursday Nov 02, 2023

Legendary designer Alan R. Moon Joins us on the podcast! Alan has designed classic games such as Elfenland, Union Pacific, and most famously Ticket to Ride. We get to hear a little bit about the history of his newest game Ticket To Ride: Legends of the West, and he shares the story of his first time winning the Speil de Jarhes. We also talk Old Gods of Appalachia, Dice Miner, and Sea Salt and Paper. All this and more on a story filled voyage!

The Periscope: Mayan Curse

Thursday Oct 26, 2023

Thursday Oct 26, 2023

Joe Slack from Crazy Like a Box Games joins us to talk about their newest crowdfunding project Mayan Curse!
Explore the secret passage to the ancient temple, collect the most knowledge, and escape before you’re trapped forever!
As you traverse deeper, you’ll discover stelae (Mayan monuments) that increase your knowledge (which is what you need to win). But the greatest secret waits for you at the very top of the temple—that is, if you can reach it and get back to the entrance in time. If all 3 of the temple’s boulders reach the entrance before you return, you’ll be sealed inside forever, and none of your knowledge will matter!
Check out the campaign!

Thursday Oct 26, 2023

Joe Wiggins from Allplay joins us to talk about their latest's Kickstarter!
Through the Desert - One of Reiner Knizia’s most iconic game designs. Lead a caravan of camels to watering holes and oases while avoiding (or blocking!) your opponents. With this new edition comes 4 new expansions!
A Message From the Stars - You and your team are scientists on the edge of human knowledge — the final frontier. An extraterrestrial source has made contact. Can you work together to decode the meanings of these mysterious transmissions? Cooperation will be key!
Switchbacks - The latest addition to our best-selling 1-Minute to Teach series! Switchbacks is a tile-laying game of partnership and betrayal. Can you navigate the most adventurous path?
Check out their campaign!

Thursday Oct 19, 2023

Game Designer Sean "Fletch" Fletcher join us on the podcast! At the time of this recording Fletch was working for the OP in a design capacity. He is now employed by Ravensburger. 
In this voyage we learn about Fletch's game design journey and talk all things Disney Sorcerers Arena, Josh's favorite game of 2022. We also talk about fantastic gaming destinations, Baseball, and why you should move to Seattle! All this and more on today's voyage!
Produced by CakePie Games

Thursday Oct 05, 2023

Professor, Designer, and Podcaster Sen-Foong Lim joins us on the Submarine! Sen is the designer of many board games and RPG's and hosts the Ludology and Meeple Syrup shows. Today we are able to dive into not only board games...but RPG's and Comic Books as well. Sen has a game in development with Off the Page Games and we learn a little bit more about the story behind it. Then, he shares and epic story involving a bottle, and Jenga tower, and a little bit of Dread. All this and more on today's voyage!

Thursday Sep 28, 2023

On today's Periscope we look at Envy Born Game's newest campaign containing 3 different games! Sirens, Defrag, and 16 Candies. Designer and Head of Envy Born Mathue Ryann talks joins us to talk about these games and why you should back them. If your interested in one, two, or even all three of these games, give this a listen!
Sirens, Defrag & 16 Candies. A Tiny Game Series.

Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Curt Covert of Smirk and Dagger Games joins us on the podcast! Curt is a designer and publisher who has brought us games like Cutthroat Caverns, Shobu, The Night Cage, and most recently BOOP! Curt shares his most memorable experiences after 20 years of working in the industry and how collaborating with creatives has made his time worth it. We also talk about the future of Smirk and Dagger, Qwirkle, Good Face Bad Face, and (regrettably) Silver Coin. All this and more on today's voyage!
Support Smirk and Dagger 


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